Smoke Sensor Secureye Wireless [ SM-100 ]

  • Brands Secureye
  • Product Code: SM-100
  • Availability: 1


  • Description : Wireless Ionization Smoke Sensor
  • Model No : SM-100

Standalone/Wireless Smoke Sensor is an input device used for fire detection which is triggered by smoke. The two main types of smoke detectors are photoelectric and ionization. It can use independently or as a front-end detector of an alarm system.

  • Working Voltage: 9 -12VDC
  • Battery Life: About 1 year (counted at 3 times each day)
  • Wireless Frequency: 433 MHZ
  • Transmission Range: 100m
  • Working Current (mA): 10-30
  • Static Current(uA):10
  • Smoke sensitivity:10in accordance with UL Standard 217
  • Operating temperature:-10º-+50º
  • Relative humidity: <95%
  • Size: (R X H) 107 X 36mm
  • Applications: For Indoor use. Kitchen, Coal mine, Corridor, Office, Room, Museum, Library, Finance Room, Warehouse, etc

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