About Us

Apex Corporation is a wholesaler and retailer of computers components and peripherals. Over the years, we've continued to grow tremendously by focusing on providing quality deals at aggressively low prices. We’ve successfully expanded our product line. to include a wide variety of heavily discounted electronics products that are hard to found through other distribution channels.

Why Apex Corporation

We’d like to revise the old adage of buy low, sell high. We feel that a better way is to buy low and sell low. Selling low creates opportunity and loyalty from our customers. It is our goal to enable resellers around the world to grow their business profitably and make Apex Corporation their preferred destination


Our warehouse and headquarters are located in jodhpur,  Rajasthan, INDIA. We stock everything we sell and offer same day shipping on most orders.


Because we focus on deals, we have a constant flow of new products through our warehouse every day. Our website is constantly updated with the new arrivals so you can quickly take advantage of these opportunity buys.


Ordering from our website is quick and simple. Checking our website often will give you the advantage of discovering the latest deals before they sell out. To order from our site you need to have a wholesale account. If you don’t have one yet, it’s quick and easy, click here to set up an account now.
We frequently run specials and closeout alerts that we broadcast to our opt-in email list. You don’t need to have a wholesale account to receive our email promotions. If you would like to begin receiving our promotional emails, click here to sign up now.